At the summit of a mountain in Jebel Acacus
Catching Brünnich Guillemot kid with fishing rods
A short stroll on the sea ice in Guba Sakhanina
Locals in Vorkuta - possibly Nenets - having a chat on the tundra
A spectacular rainbow in Capitol Reef National Park
Boy waiting outside a sportshall in Vorkuta
People gathering when the Moscow-Vorkuta train stops in Kotlas
Polar bear climbing down a steep gully in a bird mountain
Young polar bear on 25 meters distance
Kayaking through i tiny waterfall in Halls Arm, Doubtful Sound
View of Doubtful Sound from Wilmot Pass
From a Canadian "Arm" pretending to be a fiord in Norway... - Indian Arm near Vancouver, British Colombia
"Palasset til Romanias dronning" - blomstring i hagene
The mud volcanoes in Qobustan is one of Azerbaijans most famous tourist attractions
Vårblomstring i Nesebar
Fiskere på bryggen i Balchik
A relaxing afternoon on the roof of Mueller Hut, with Mount Cook in the background
Ripples on a sand dune
Husein looking out over the sand dunes
Photographing near Pukaki Lake, near Mount Cook Village
Elder woman at the summit of Besbarmaq Dag
Poster at Tripoli's Green Square about the 37 years since Ghadafi's revolution
Solnedgang i Nesebar
Horses grassing on the caucasian green slopes, here between Quba and the mountain village Laza
Moon over Southern Alps
Hiking through forests on Stewart Island
Clouds clearing over Nelson Lake after three days of rain
Bridal Veil Falls just west of Hamilton
Cathedral Cove, Coromandel
View of Mount Taranaki from the east
Twelve Apostles, the most famous natural landmark along Australias southeastern coast
Moon climbing - Joshua Tree NP
Hiking and donkey trail in Grand Canyon
Snøkave er en sjelden opplevelse i Brussel - Koningsstraat
A spectacular sunset in Yosemite Valley, with the steep walls of El Capitan in the foreground and Half Dome in the back
Albatross off Taiaroua Head, Dunedin Peninsula
A log dead from passive smoking in Craters of the Moon - Taupo
Sunset over San Fransisco City Centre, seen from Berkley
This view of Masca bears resemblance to Machu Pichu in South America
Kveldsstemning på Svartehavet, fra Pomorie
Flott utsikt over Grønland på flytur mellom Island og Vancouver - Jacobshavn Isbræ, verdens raskeste

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