Artistic view of a polar bear on VanKeulenfjorden
"Summit jumping" close to Tre Kroner
Blue light in Tempelfjorden, from the glacier front of Tunabreen
Sunset at Hjorthamn across Adventfjorden from Longyearbyen
Artistic view of the mountains Tre Kroner in Kongsfjorden
Sand storm in Adventdalen
Mid-day light in November at Nordenskiöldtoppen
Lonely polar bear under Firkanten - van Keulenfjorden
Ny-Ålesund research village in May
Adventdalen and Hjortfjellet in mid-summer
Strong ice compression on 30 meters of ice depth in the Longyearbreeen Glacier Cave
From the glacier cave "Rudidjupet" on Drønbreen
From the glacier cave chamber "The Cathedral" in Longyearbreen
A spectacular clearing of the sky over Hansbreen - Hornsund
Sea ice close to the shore - Bjørndalen, Isfjorden
Towards the summit of Trollsteinen for watching the sun rising in mid February
Cold colors of winter above Adventdalen
Artistic view of an iceberg on Mohnbukta - East Svalbard
A person gets small in front of Nordenskiöldbreen - Billefjorden
Boreal Jacobs ladder under Skansen - Billefjorden
Sailboat on Sassenfjorden under Tempelet
Strong wind at the southern point of Bjørnøya - Stappen
Great skua flying at Flakmyrvatna
The sea can be rough around Bjørnøya and then coastal erosion is very active
Fulmar nesting area north of Flisa
Barren tundra at Amfiet
Ornitology fieldwork in dense fog
Great skuas at their bathing pool at Flakmyrvatna
"Taggen" in Norvestbukta on a cloudy day
Coastal cliffs at Amfiet - shaped by the sea during milennias
Puffin with nest building material in the beak
Small family of glaucous gulls
Larsbreen og Trollsteinen
Fra Larsbreen
Fra Larsbreen

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